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Monday, March 31, 2008 Think about it (, )

Last night, on the train back from London, I finished Jon McGregor’s ‘If nobody speaks of remarkable things’. And, at the risk of sounding like Think Small, I decided to quote something from it:

He waits, and he says this kid, when it’s born, you mustn’t ever let it think it’s anything other than a gift and a blessing, do you hear me?

It is not what the book is really about, and it is not even the thing that struck me the most about it — but it is the the thing that struck me the most, on so many levels.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008 Three things ()

From the other day:


From sunbeam, a meme:

Post lines 6, 7 and 8 of page 123 of the book that is closest to you:

Splitting and splattering
Spilling and spoiling
Spellbound: the sprite

The book in question is “A journey through time in verse and rhyme”, also known as the essential Waldorf teacher’s poetry cheat-sheet. (Just kidding.)

I’m not sure how many people I need to tag, and Marianthi is already taken (damn!), so it’ll have to be Martijn, Christos and Laura. Also, the Pinefox, if he wants to use my comments’ box for this purpose.

Finally, from the addictive Spell with Flickr:

plain card disc letter s Bead Letter P coloured card disc letter r Bead Letter I N Bead Letter K
Copper Lowercase Letter l coloured card disc letter e D Pastry Cutter P E Bead Letter P
card letter p E letter R

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